Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fremantle workers dispute gathers momentum

A packed public meeting of angry relatives and Fremantle staff demanded to know why local politicians were not getting involved in this dispute. Eddy Coulson UNISON Regional officer reported that there has been a slight shift in negotiations but that there was still a long way to go.

UNISON Fremantle Convenor Carmel Reynolds questioned the wisdom of reducing the sick pay entitlement. "We don't want staff coming into work sick and infecting vulnerable residents, the consequences could be fatal!"

What angered relatives and staff the most was to learn that a fluctuation clause in the contract between Barnet Council and Catalyst Housing in the event of a funding problem was being ignored. It appears that Fremantle and Catalyst have decided that it is easier to attack experienced hard working low paid workers than approach Barnet Council and demand they honour the contract.

It was agreed at the meeting that a further public meeting be called for in January next year and all efforts made to ensure both councillors of all parties and local MPs attend. Relatives and staff agreed to attend Scrutiny meeting on 13 December and ask for urgent intervention.
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5 November 2006

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