Thursday, March 08, 2007

Fremantle Strike Update 13 March 2007

Fremantle used the Anti Trade Union laws to scupper the strike which was due to start next week.

Well Fremantle & Catalyst both UNISON and the GMB are not going away!

Balloting will start again.

Your attempts to score points by challenging the legality of the ballot further demonstrates your lack of respect for the staff who have for the past 20 years loyally provided a service to the most vulnerable members of our society.

Your proposals will push our members to the poverty line and pile on more pressure for those who are now looking a a much reduced Pension as a result of your cuts to their terms and conditions.

You had a choice to take on the staff. Our members did not have the same choice,

BUT if you asked them all now they would all jump at the chance to be employed by the Council.

Who is paying for your proposals?

Fremantle, Catalyst?................NO

It is the staff who PAY.......with the loss of their pay, annual leave, sickness entitlements .
It is residents who will be at risk as quality staff leave only to be replaced by agency staff.

We are not be surprised by your have already put down a marker early in this dispute when you wrote to our members to asking them to sign away their terms and conditions the week before Christmas.

Then sending managers down to each setting allegedly to help staff sign the letter!

Then we had reports that staff were being told that if they don't sign away their terms and conditions until the last possible moment they will not get the best shifts.....................

How do you sleep at night?

Because of this delay staff as from the 1 April 2007 will be moved to the poverty wages. We will be balloting our members at the same time they see the true impact of what you are taking from them!

Fellow Trade Unionists/MPs/Relatives /Supporters
you can help simply email the

Fremantle Chief Executive Carol Sawyer at
Catalyst Chief Executive Rod Cahill at

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Jon Rogers said...

Good luck comrades and keep us all posted!