Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fremantle workers dispute reaches Parliament

John McDonnell MP has delivered on his promise to highlight the outrageous attacks on low paid care workers working for The Fremantle Trust.

John came to a Public Fremantle workers and relatives meeting in January this year to hear for himself the outrageous attacks on Fremantle staff.

Despite the efforts of both UNISON and GMB to try to find a negotiated settlement, Fremantle and their partner in c**** Catalyst have pushed ahead and we are now only 11 days away before they dismiss the TUPE staff who transferred from the Council only 5 years ago.

It is interesting that some apologists for New Labour like to make a distinction between the Private and the Not for Profit organisations that have plagued both Local Government and Health services over the last 20 years.

Well from where I am standing I can't see the difference!....I'd invite anyone to come and meet our members and try and explain how much worse it could have been if they had been transferred to the Private sector!

GET real!

Cuts in pay of up to 30%, attacks on annual leave, premium payments, sickness and a reduced Pension ......................on an already low wage!

Who can defend this sort of treatment?

Which is why we must have more Labour MPs like John McDonnell.

Labour must wake up before it is too late..........

So you have the link to the Early Day Motion .......

Read it and then contact YOUR MP ask them to
sign it NOW.


Bill said...

Solidarity comrades from a TGWU member - see also the Trade Unionists 4 John blog which leads on this

Anonymous said...

I am shocked to read about what has been happening. I have written a post about this and other related disputes on my living wage blog http://livingwageuk.wordpress.com/ .

Best wishes for the campaign.

Nick Wall