Saturday, June 09, 2007

Adult Social Services - Big changes ahead

Major changes for staff, service users and carers are on their way in Barnet.

The Councils proposed changes are a direct response to the Government While paper ‘Our health, Our care, Our say’ for details on UNISONs response to individualised care budgets and service user’s choice go to

I would strongly recommend that any UNISON members working in social services read this report. Promoting greater choice is something we must always support but this is not unconditional. The above report quite rightly raises significant issues which need to be addressed if this new direction is going to serve the interests of service users.

In terms of members terms and conditions this paper presents further challenges (as if we don’t have enough already?). We need to know what the challenges are in order to respond swiftly and effectively. It is essential that we have workplace stewards across all of social services in order we can communicate effectively as & when the consultation over the new service begins. If you do not have a steward in your workplace, please contact the UNISON office on 0208 359 2088 and our social services convenor will arrange to visit your team.

The branch secretary & social services convenor will be leading the negotiations on behalf of social services staff. We will be seeking permission for members to attend workplace meetings to discuss the proposals. If you have any questions please direct them to

Please note the recent success of Social Workers in Surrey

It just shows what you can do when everyone stands together

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