Thursday, June 28, 2007

Incredible as it sounds but it is true. Fremantle Chief Executive has already started with the strong arm tactics claiming these meetings would have a impact on the delivery of care in the settings?

How about cutting terms and conditions of care workers in residential and day care settings? I think everyone would believe this sort of act is more likely to compromise delivery of care!

Once again Fremantle you misjudge the mood of your work force by your decison to prevent these meetings taking place. You demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of their professionalism. Your staff don't just see this as an issue over terms and conditions. From the outset they have raised the very serious issue that bringing down terms and conditions will impact on care standards. To suggest that staff would abandon the care of the residents and service users to attend a Trade Union is insulting.

You inherited experienced, well trained caring staff team who chose to work with this client group not for money but because they wanted to put something back into their community. They were never going to be well paid, but your decision to take the bread from their mouths and the mouths of their families is fundamentally unacceptable.

BOTH Trade Unions both locally, regionally and nationally are not going to walk away from this campaign.

There is growing support for our campaign from across all the major public sector Trade Unions.

You still have a choice (our members have had no choice) ......start talking to our lead negotiators

This campaign is only just begining...................

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