Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Barnet College UNISON team


Barnet College would like to introduce its new Health & Safety reps. They are Eileen Hagger-Street, Margaret Roberts and Gary Stuart. Here they tell us a little bit about themselves.

Job title: Senior Learning Resources Adviser
Contact details: Eileen.hagger-street@barnet.ac.uk
Ext. 4195 / direct: 020 8266 4195

Hello to all my colleagues. My name is Eileen Hagger-Street and I work in the Learning Centre at the Grahame Park site. I will try to fulfil the role of Health and Safety rep. to the best of my ability.

Please keep me informed of anything that causes you concern.

Job title: Senior Learning Resources Adviser
Contact details: margaret.roberts@barnet.ac.uk
Ext. 2743 / direct: 020 8275 5043

I've worked at Barnet College for a number of years in a variety of departments and currently I am based at the Wood Street Learning Centre. As an H&S Rep I hope to ensure the College is a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

Job title: Senior Technician: Science / Lecturer in Science & ICT

Contact details: gary.stuart@barnet.ac.uk
Ext. 2745 / direct: 020 8275 5045

I've worked at Barnet College for just over 11 years in a variety of different roles. As an H&S Rep I hope to support the college in providing a healthy and safe working environment by providing UNISON members with information & advice and in forum with college management.

Redundancy Consultation meetings

Your UNISON Stewards Team (ie. Nadia Saccardi, Janet Mullinex, Shobhna Shah and Paul Keightley) have attended two redundancy consultation meetings with College Management - on 16th and 31st May – under the terms of Section 188 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992.

We will continue to monitor carefully the list of declared redundancies and ensure that the due and proper processes of the Voluntary Redundancy procedure are followed by the College.

Minutes of these meetings can be found on the MLE at:


We shall, of course, keep members informed of any further developments.

NLBP Decant

Members may now be aware that most curriculum areas currently based at WS (apart from A and D) will be decanted to Building 5 at NLBP in December as part of the Wood Street redevelopment project.

Paul Keightley is attending the Project Design Team meetings as UNISON rep. and has attended one meeting of the College Decant Planning Team.

We will ensure that any Health and Safety issues that are connected with the decant are addressed by the College, and will continue to monitor the situation.

Proposed move of Reprographics

The College is proposing moving the WS Reprographics Service to a central location at GP, with effect from September.

This would mean no reprographics presence at WS for the autumn term.

Your UNISON Health and Safety reps. are closely monitoring the H and S aspects of this proposal, and if members have concerns about the likely service impact of losing Reprographics at WS in September, they are encouraged to contact the UNISON Stewards Team.

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