Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Carmel Reynolds UNISON Fremantle Convenor speaks out

Dear Colleagues,
How do you feel now after our first day of strike action?

We are still here, alive and well and now very much looking forward to the next day of action. Yes, there will be more opportunities to show Fremantle and Catalyst Housing that when they take away what we worked for they seriously upset us. They do not like us when we are upset because we loudly draw attention to the facts which Fremantle would like to keep hidden. Next time there will be even more of us out there on the picket lines because all our UNISON members now realize how strong and committed we are.

Did you read the Notice from the Chief Executive?

That’s a lot of positive spin from up there in Aylesbury! In reality you and I know extra staff had to be moved in to cover our shifts. More agency staff than usual were required, and even some Managers worked as duty officers. I have heard that some managers even resorted to using the old guilt trip to try and persuade staff not to strike.

Carole is wrong when she writes “that you have been rather misled” None of us are been led anywhere. We are all still here and adult enough to show Fremantle that what they did is wrong, and we are mature enough to show them how to put it right!

Fremantle are the ones who refused to negotiate further and went ahead with their vicious cuts. We are not vicious or vindictive but we are now very angry and we will not give up or go away. To our UNISON colleagues who did not join us on the picket lines or at the rally, we know you felt a bit frightened and maybe even intimidated. Now you can see how we support each other. It feels very good and empowering when you know you have done something positive to get back what is rightfully yours.

See you on the picket lines on Monday 23 July 2007

Carmel Reynolds
Fremantle UNISON

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