Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Environmental Services

For the last 4 years this Directorate has taken significant cuts in order for the Council to address it’s financial deficit.

Cuts not just in services but JOBs. Interestingly the services provided by the staff down the depot are high profile and subject to Barnet residents comments to their councillors if they fail to deliver.

It is important that our members working in Environmental services are fully supported by our branch.

It is important to separate the fact from the fiction. We can check out rumours. It is not in the interests of our members to be subjected to rumours especially when they are often carrying very difficult and challenging work in the community.
If any member is worried about stories they are hearing about the Depot being sold off, the service being cut, please contact the UNISON office on 0208 359 2088 or contact carmen.bruno@barnetunison.org.uk

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