Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Personal accounts of the costs of privatisation......

17 August 2007 - 3 day of Strike Action

Whether you work in Local government, NHS, Higher Education, Further Education, watch and listen to the accounts of the Fremantle Care Workers. When managers try and reassure you about TUPE, show them this!





In this case 5 years after selling off the Council owned residential care homes and day care services to Catalyst Housing. Catalyst Housing have billed Barnet Council for £8.672 million.

Who was responsible for putting together this package together?

It is about time senior managers on £100K salaries take responsibility when things go badly wrong. We do not expect Barnet to pay up, but if they do, it will almost certainly mean cuts across Council Services…which inevitably will mean services and jobs!

This Government Lemming like policy must end……every worker in Public Services needs to seek a meeting with their local MP.

If you are not in a Trade Union then join UNISON.

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