Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fremantle Care Workers Strike 20 September 2007

Each time these care workers take action it produces something special. Today was no different.
our branch, our union, can be proud to stand side by side these care workers.

When the 196 careworkers in Fremantle had their terms and conditions slashed on 1 April 2007, many of us may have just accepted it, moved on......BUT not these care workers........they really care about the work they do and the standards they were trained to keep!

It is clear that they are not backing down until Fremantle provide something to really discuss. It is simply not acceptable in our society that staff providing vital services to the most vulnerable in our communities should have to put up with these sort of attacks .......

Which is why we are already planning our next day of strike action which will be at the weekend. This will give all our supporters time to come down to join us on the picket lines and take part in our march and public meeting. We are meeting with our UNISON regional officials to discuss the planning of the day next week.
So check out the date, rearrange your diary and join with us!

I am going to shut up now and let a very special women speak. Daphne Israel 80 years old, she attends one of the Barnet Fremantle day centres BUT today she was our honoured guest on our trip to Fremantle HQ and she is really angry .................

Find out why....................


Sean said...

good on ya Daphne :) give them hell!!! Keep going Freemantle workers the world is watching you take on these parasitical employers you have our support

Daralyn Rennick said...

Good on ya auntie!!! Way to go girl!! Now I know who I take after...when I get angry about something..I get ANGRY!! I've never seen you look so angry auntie! lol lol

Wish I was there..they would have heard an echo with every word you spoke.

How can these lovely people be treated so badly? I'm with you all the way Freemantle. I've just signed your petition to the government.

Anonymous said...

Daphne, you have my full support and that all the members of this branch as do the unison member employees of Fremantle, its a disgrace that in the 21st Century we have conditions of slavery all in the name of profit. The same greed that started the slave trade in the 18th Century, Greed Owners.
Allen A Reilly, UNISON Branch Secretary, South West London Community Health Branch