Monday, September 03, 2007

UNISON Labour Link elections - WHY VOTE

On this matter I can only comment in a personal capacity, as an APF payer and member albeit (inactive) member of the Labour Party. For full details of the election go to UNISON via this link
In London we have a choice between Andrew Berry ( Islington Local Government)
and Rachel Voller
I honestly don't know Rachel Voller (UCH) , I've not heard Rachel speak at Regional Council. However my concern about her election address is right near the end where she referred to extremist parties!
Quite frankly this is outdated perception of who we as UNISON members should really be worried about. I know my Fremantle Care workers did not find themselves under attack from extremist parties. No, they were outsourced by a Labour Council! As hard as that is to stomach , being a Labour voter, that is a fact!
However I do see the change in Prime Minsiter as a opportuntiy for more debate within the Labour Party (despite the news that he appears to want to stifle the influence of Labour party members and the trade unions!) which is why those entitled to vote should make sure they use that vote whovever they choose.
Those who know me, know that I respect hard working activists. I am not interested in hot air & table thumping. If you are genuine and member led then I will listen to what you have to say. What I know about Andrew is that he works hard for his members he speaks out when there is need and he is committed to working within the Labour party. No organisation can survive if it surrounds itself by 'nodding dogs'. I still remember the 'Emperor's new clothes' fairy tale. Indeed I use it within my work as Branch Secretary with our employers. They need to listen to the Unions, we are their best source of scrutiny. A healthy organisation need debate and discussion over issues.
So I don't subscribe to the view that we have something to fear from extremist parties. That is a policy that should be consigned to the past.
We need to embrace all activists who are genuine, member-led and fighting to support our members day in day out. We have incredible quality across all service groups in London region, we should make better use of that quality and experience.
Our Union along with all Trae Unions have a real challenge in the 21st century to organise to face the potential mass erosion of our members terms and conditions
Our Union has campaigned hard for members we must stand together not snipe.
Whoever wins this election I challenge both of you to demonstrate what support London Labour Link can offer the Fremantle Care Workers campaign?
Andrew has my vote, but what about you?

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