Monday, October 29, 2007

Fremantle Rally and March 10 November – Burnt Oak - Join Us !

Privatisation, privatisation, privatisation...............................
This obsession (almost ‘Lemming- like’) with the privatisation dogma at times seems unrelenting despite the fact it has not delivered the savings promised

As public sector workers we all have a choice. To bury our heads in the sand and hope it doesn’t happen or face the challenge. Our Union believes it must stand up and support members when facing attacks. The Fremantle care workers dispute is a case in point. All Council services will at some time face the possibility of priviatisation. Make a date in your diary and come along and JOIN the Fremantle care workers. You never know when you may need their support.

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Anonymous said...

Hi good luck and solidarity from a postal worker, I posted a link for the LabourStart Freemantle care workers on 09/09/07 at

yours linkinpark