Monday, December 17, 2007

Shock News - Fremantle to close on of their homes

Ho Ho Ho...Another Christmas message (no cheer) from Fremantle…..more bad news for staff and residents!

Staff working at Rosa Freedman residential and day care settings were shocked to receive a letter from the Fremantle Chief Executive Carole Sawyers to say that ‘London Borough of Barnet have announced their intention of closing residential services at Rosa Freedman Care home.

It was a big shock to staff working at the setting because only the previous week Carole Sawyers came to give her annual talk about the Future plans for Fremantle in Barnet and made no mention of the closure.

Members are also confused by the involvement of Barnet Council. Until now Barnet Council have claimed that they have no involvement in the matters affecting Fremantle staff. Carole Sawyers’ letter to staff clearly states Barnet Council are responsible for this closure. Fremantle care workers and their UNISON reps have already lobbied the Cabinet Resources committee meeting 6 December 2007, where the decision to close was ratified. Further lobbies are planned. UNISON will be raising this decision through the Councils internal procedures.

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