Saturday, January 26, 2008

Barnet UNISON building alliances across North London

London calling………………

Earlier this week I attended a meeting in north London to listen to the achievements of an organisation called London CITIZENS. It is an inspirational story which gives hope to those of us who remain optimistic in spite of the daunting and relentless attacks facing our society from globalisation. I think it is great we can correspond and report from any part of this planet, but the recent events in the United States and the impact on world markets and ultimately on all of us is frightening.

Now more than at any time we need to organise and that means broad alliances with those of us who share common issues. London CITIZENS is such an organisation. Listening to some of the speakers explain how coomunity groups/charities/religious groups from across all denominations find common ground was truely exciting. I am glad to see that UNISON has been part of their work in East/South and West London. Now it is the turn for North London. The meeting I attended was to look at how we could organise a North London branch.

For more details on London CITIZENS and the work they do go to their website at

Even better watch their short DVD explaining

(N.B. You may need to watch this on your home computer as your work PC may no allow access to You Tube).

Barnet UNISON members please take note we have two guest speakers

Catherine Howarth – Lead Organiser West London CITIZENS and Rev Paul Nicholson coming to our AGM

Thursday 6 March 2008

3.30 pm

Building 2,

North London Business Park

We are going to vote on whether we should affiliate to London CITIZENS

come along and listen to what they are doing across London.

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