Sunday, January 27, 2008

Social Services feedback.............

Staff working in the Day Care provision at Flower Lane are still waiting for their pay rates to be harmonized. UNISON has been told that this ‘work is in hand’ and we eagerly await managements resolution to this outstanding inequality. We understand that similar issues affect staff working in other day care settings (e.g. Broadfields and supported living) and that this is part of a larger management exercise.
Watch this space!
Mental Health Services......
Possible transfer out of the Council has mentioned in relation all Council staff working in Mental Health Services. The transfer would have been to the BEH-MHT (Barnet Enfield & Haringey Mental Health Trust). Barnet UNISON’s Branch Secretary John Burgess and I, together with the HR manager attended a Q&A session for staff at the Community Network on 24th January to help clarify some issues.

Both the Council and Barnet UNISON strongly recommend that staff working alongside BEH-MHT in multi-disciplinary teams are better to agree the offer of ‘3 year secondment to BEH’ and retain their unbroken service with L.B.Barnet.

Additionally there is an Information Day for Council staff working in Barnet’s Mental Health services on Wed 6th February at NLBP. Make sure that someone from your team /workplace attends to give you all feedback.
Physical and Sensory Impairment.
Daycare Service users mainly attend Flightways Resource centre.
This setting is also joining the Council’s modernization programme
And our members/ staff will be working in different ways to facilitate the service-users access to more mainstream community services.

We need YOU
As always Barnet UNISON needs MORE workplace stewards. Why not you?
Lots of training and support available; regular stewards meetings and other branch officers for specialized issues.
Interested? Then please contact me at the UNISON office.
Finally, Barnet UNISON is planning to resurrect the UNISON Womens’ Group. The vast majority of our membership is female and it is important that our particular issues have a higher profile within the branch. Tracey Lowe and I will be consulting with our female membership soon, even before the next UNISON Voice is published!
Maggi Myland Social Services Convenor

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Anonymous said...

Hi Maggi -good news on resurrecting the women's group. You may want to contact Helen Reynolds at region to find out if there are any other branches near you that have one to offer support etc? I think she has a list.