Friday, June 20, 2008

Maggi Myland Social Services Convenor reports from Conference...

Sandra Jones,First time delegate to UNISON Local Govt. Conference, representing all the Fremantle ex-Council staff in the Barnet homes.

Quite early on first day of LG Conference, Sunday 15th June, there was a motion about efficiency, cuts and Privatisation. Sandra stood in front of that vast conference hall and spoke about the detrimental effects on the workforce of being outsourced (privatised) by Barnet Council TUPE to Fremantle Trust, a ‘not–for-profit charity’. Workers terms & conditions being drastically slashed; some staff having to take on additional jobs to maintain their family’s life style. She spoke of members already having participated in 5 days of Industrial Action and still this charitable employer will not concede. Sandra told Conference that the Fremantle staff are still fighting for their terms & conditions to be reinstated and asked for support from National, Regional and Branches of UNISON.

At the lunchtime fringe meeting entitled Individual Budgets & Social Care, after the main debate and speakers from Scotland; Sandra again addressed the meeting and spoke emotionally regarding her career in care of the elderly and that there would always be some vulnerable clients who need residential and Day Care.

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