Sunday, June 01, 2008

Pay Ballot begins USE YOUR VOTE

Not a day goes by without some mention of rising fuel bills, food, mortgages. The offer of 2.45% is simply not enough and the added worry is that if we don’t fight back we could be looking at a similar award for the next THREE YEARS!

Check out our Barnet UNISON Pay Matters presentation on what is at stake

Barnet UNISON Pay Matters presentation
Barnet UNISON Pay Matters PDF
This is why it is important that we support our national negotiators!
Make sure you USE YOUR VOTE….
Talk to your colleagues at work.

Go to UNISON TV to listen to why you deserve a Pay Award

Or view this excellent video by Tower Hamlets UNISON Branch on why we should reject Brown's

Show Brown the RED CARD

We need a big turn out at the ballot box.

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