Tuesday, June 03, 2008

UNISON Update on Library Re-organisation

Dear Members
I am sure that you are wondering and worrying about what is happening with the library re-organisation. Unfortunately I have nothing concrete as yet to tell you. The last meeting that UNISON had with senior management was on 24 April where we were told that nothing was to be ruled out with regards to where the necessary savings could be made. We were also informed that a massive six figure staffing budget overspend had been identified and that this was the reason that more posts were likely to be affected by the re-organisation than previously anticipated. UNISON has asked for further detail on the exact figures of the overspend and how this has gone unnoticed and been allowed to happen.

Some of you may well be thinking that if the original proposal put forward by management had gone through and had not been objected to by UNISON members that all would be well, in place and remaining jobs would be safe. Please don’t be fooled into thinking that – we do not believe that your jobs would have been any safer. With such a huge staffing overspend it would have to come to light sooner or later and if not now it would probably have been lumped into the pot under the guise of the annual budget cuts that happen every year around Christmas.

We will have the new proposals soon and now that the overspend has been identified we can hope for an honest and transparent dialogue into the financial implications for the future of our members jobs and our service.

Until UNISON sees the new proposals we are unable to say whether we could recommend acceptance or not, however it remains our position to oppose cuts to frontline jobs. As soon as we hear anything we will inform members as soon as possible. If you have any queries please contact Sue on 8359 2091or Tracey on 8359 2088.
Tracey Lowe - 27 May 08

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mung1973 said...

Please come and support a rally to defend our libraries 12noon this Saturday 7th June in Walthamstow Town Square (outside main library). Waltham Forest council wants to open libraries with as few as two of the lowest grade library staff. A rep was suspended last week for refusing to accept an imposed new job description to this end and all staff were threatened with the same sanction. Members walked out in protest, closing libraries. This is the latest attempt to downgrade our libraries following branch closures (staff were given 3 days notice) and the loss or destruction of 60% of the books during refurbishment.
The rally has been called by a community campaign with support of local unison branch and trades council.