Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tales from the Picket Line

One story that has captured my admiration is Dan.

Dan is a UNISON member working in Refuse as a Refuse loader/driver. Dan was our only UNISON member in Refuse until yesterday. On the first day of the strike he showed tremendous courage by taking action when his colleagues in the GMB went into work. (The GMB accepted the 2.45% offer). It would have been easy for Dan to go into work, BUT he felt he had to back his Union.
“What do I pay my subs for? I want to belong to a Union that fights to get the best deal for its members!” (Dan)

The second part of Dan’s story is that several GMB members working in refuse decided that they would not cross the picket line. On both days we had GMB refusing to cross the picket lines. Locally our relationship with GMB is very strong.
The GMB Convenor Paul Coles stood on the Picket line for both days and joined us on the march and rally in central London.

What happens next?
UNISON will be in talks with the National Employers and we may here news sometime over the summer. We heard at the rally in central London that the NUT and PCS were going to be balloting for further strike action in the Autumn, so if we are asked to take further strike action is could mean we may have other Trade Unions on the Picket line with us!

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