Friday, August 08, 2008

The Barnet UNISON Young Members Community

We are currently in the process of establishing a Young Members Community within the Barnet branch of UNISON, open to all members aged 28 or younger. The community will offer our younger members greater support and an opportunity to voice concerns on issues that disproportionately affect them most. This will include the difficulties of debt, youth exploitation, buying a home, stress at work and career progression. We will also be looking at getting involved in various wider campaigns, working with the youth sectors of regional UNISON and the TUC, as well as our local MP. There will be a social element to the community too, as it will provide a great chance for those wanting to get involved to meet people of a similar age across the Barnet local government workforce. One initiative that we are looking at is the chance for our members to go to next years summer festivals for free by part-time volunteering for the Barnet Trades Council behind the bars!

If you are interested in getting involved and are a UNISON member aged 28 or younger, then please come to our first meeting on 26th August at the UNISON office at North London Business Park, Building 4 at 6.30pm. Ask at the reception for us and we will come down to meet you on the evening. Refreshments will be provided!
Send me an email to express your interest in the Barnet Young Members Community to:


James Anthony said...

Out of interest why have you gone to 28? That's not what the rule book says on young members.

Do you have specific local issues re age?

Ben Ritchie said...

I think 28 is a far more sensible age to make a young members community for Barnet Local Council workers. In Barnet there are few members aged under 25, as many of them have taken further education after leaving school before starting work. I want people to feel part of our community for a few years rather than just 1 or 2. We will see if anyone aged 26-28 turns up next Tuesday - and if they do maybe the rule book needs to be changed elsewhere.