Friday, August 25, 2006

Feedback from Learners on Return2Learn courses

The Learners

"I’ve enjoyed this course immensely. During the five sessions I’ve started to gain more confidence in my ability to overcome the lack of knowledge regarding my communication skills. I also feel more confident in helping my seven year old daughter with her home work. I sincerely hope further courses are more forth coming. "(Refuse Department)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the return to learn course as it was very engaging and well structured. I personally wasn’t very attentive at school and failed to grasp the most common aspects of the English language. So this course was extremely helpful to me as I am more attentive now as I have matured and I have been able to pick up small but important basic s to help me in my future. The teacher was very good and because the class was very friendly I found that I was able to interact and learn more about communication and listening, this has helped me in my job as it requires me to communicate and listen whilst recording the data that is being passed to me." (Parking Attendant)

"This is my last week on the course. I have gained more confidence in writing, punctuation and to write reports. I feel a better person for the following reasons, I have learnt to work together with more people, and feel more confident to talk to people. I would like to take this much further and hope more courses become available. "(Refuse worker)

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