Friday, August 25, 2006

Feedback from Return2Learn Tutor

"Second chance " - Malcolm Seward CONEL Tutor
We are just coming to the end of the tenth Communications skills course. This means around one hundred learners will have received level one certificates. For many of the learners this opportunity was the first time back in a learning environment since leaving school. For many as well, it is the first certificate they have ever received.

The learners admitted to having mixed emotions about the opportunity to attend a course. Fear of looking stupid, making mistakes, showing themselves up. They soon realised that by working in pairs or small groups, the support or help they needed was available.

Once their initial fears were allayed they all applied themselves and kept me very busy asking for more!
Even the learners who were fearful of computers at the outset were asking for further work. From discussions with learners I know they valued the chance to improve their skills and get to grips with computers. Without fail the learners asked me about progression routes.

The attendance was excellent and I have enjoyed immensely working with all the learners. I think that the authority and UNISON should be very proud of the opportunities that have been made available and hopefully will be made available and hopefully will be made available in the future.
I would also like to thanks Carmen for her tireless efforts and support.

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