Thursday, August 31, 2006

UNISON Pensions 31 August update


New Look Scheme – Regional Briefings

Six of the regional briefings on the DCLG consultation for the “new look” LGPS have now taken place. These briefings were well attended and saw lively debate on the four options being put forward by the DCLG and the Trade Union Side options. It is important that branches and those attending use the information given out to consult with their wider membership. In particular we would ask that branches seek members’ views on the issues raised in the briefings and then feed them back to their regional pension contact. We want to have a full picture of members’ opinions before we draw up our formal response to the DCLG consultation. We also want feedback on the negotiating options put forward by the Trade Union Side.

Branches should use our briefing paper “Options for new LGPS - Trade Union Side Objectives” to also canvass members’ views. This document can be found on the pensions section of the UNISON website The PowerPoint presentation on the “new look” scheme will be available for download form the pensions section of the UNISON website next week.

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