Monday, January 15, 2007

Fremantle workers and Relatives campaign

Tomorrow night John McDonnell MP addresses the Fremantle Workers and Relatives Public meeting at Hendon Town Hall 16 January 2007

John has openly 'thrown his hat into the ring' as a contender for the Leadership of the Labour party. Whilst senior Labour politicians avoid a possible leadership election (and fight over the meaningless role of deputy leader) John McDonnell has been campaigning up and down the country speaking to trade unions, public meetings outlining his view for the Labour party.

What is key is the debate within the Labour party is outlining the future. For UNISON members it is a crucial debate and one in which UNISON should be leading as Public Services are under attack under Blair’s government.

John will be speaking about the mass lobby of Parliament next week ( 23 January 2007) in conjunction with the TUC and UNISON where the Fremantle workers and relatives campaign will be given a national exposure.

Support your colleagues come along tomorrow evening.

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