Monday, January 15, 2007

More on the New Look Pension Scheme

Barnet UNISON members please note on Friday 12 Janaury UNISON London region had a Pension briefing.

On the subject of Pensions contributions it became clear that a significant number of our members would be discriminated against if the current formula is passed unopposed. For details please see example below.

What was explained at the pensions briefing was that while the first £12000 would be at the lower rate of 5.5% this would be pro rataed for part time workers who would work out the proportion of the salary that will be deducted at the higher rate by working out what the full time salary would be and applying the proportions to the part time salary. If a worker earns 12000 and works exactly half the working week their full time equivalent salary would be £24000 so that 50% or £6000 will be deducted at 5.5% and the other 50% £6000 would be at 7.5%.This is appalling discrimination of part time workers who are mainly women and can not understand why this was not consider a “deal breaker” as they described a number of points in the new scheme. What the negotiators appeared not to have even taken account off is the effect on huge number of term time only workers, whether full time (during the working weeks) or not. A quick calculation seems to leave teaching assistant earning £12000 working 25 hours a week (which is about normal hours) and term time only paying nearly £100 more to pension scheme then some one earning £12000 on a full time basis.

Quite clearly it is important for members and branches feedback concerns about the proposals.

Do you have a view?

Please email the branch or post a message on our BLOG.

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