Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Children’s Services

This is the largest Directorate in the Council. We are still in the early stages of the news service finding it’s feet but it is important that members contact the branch if they feel they are in need to advice and support.

Communications Team restructure.
We are currently involved in the consultation on the proposed changes to his team.

Fairway Children & Families centre
Proposals have recently been submitted to UNISON. For all those members working in this service please note Maggi Myland is the lead UNISON rep and can be contacted on 0208 359 2088

Connexions –
“OH..OKI KO KI…KO KI in out ..in out ..you shake it all about!”

Yes Connexions & Prospects staff who used to work for othe council are coming back in a new look service following a decision made at Cabinet meeting a few weeks ago.

UNISON members working for the above will be transferred under TUPE. UNISON will be fully involved in the process and will make sure all those members affected will be provided with information and advice as the consultation begins. We have had one meeting with the Director of Children’s Service and are awaiting a further meeting to discuss the timescale.


National Pay Framework for School Staff!

Following meetings with the former Secretary for Education Alan Johnson steps to create a National Pay structure for Support across moved closer. There is still a lot discussion and consultation with members for more details on th eUNISON website on

Nursery Nurses
Another year goes by and we appear to be no nearer to reaching a proposal for our Nursery Nurses. The request from UNISON started as far back as 2004. We were hopeful that there would be something for you all last Christmas BUT it has simply not happened.

You may hear that there is a problem where Nursery Nurses are working in Children’s family centres .But this is no excuse for not coming up with a proposal.

Nursery Nurses deserve to have career progression and need to have the work they are currently doing recognised both in terms of professional development and pay!

The Council have proposed setting up a working group....sorry but more delay.

We are advising the Council that they need to come up with a DRAFT proposal before the end of term or we will have no alternative but to start a consultative ballot of our members.

As with everything these days unless you SPEAK UP you are left waiting in the queue which is never ending.

Look out for the UNISON School newsletter which will be sent out before the end of this term.

School Staff
Our work Schools is one of the biggest in the branch. The sheer number of issues in Schools is at time quite frightening but at the same time it merely reinforces WHY ALL SCHOOL staff need to belong to UNISON.
If you have an issue in your school don’t face it alone contact our job share Schools Officers Susan Dunning & Tracey Lowe on 0208 359 2088 or email
s.dunning@barnetunison.org.uk or tracey.lowe@barnetunison.org.uk

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