Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Resources Directorate – What’s going on out there?

HR Restructure

This has to be one of the longest restructures in my time as a UNISON activist.

It is important to any organisation to have a well organised HR department.

Barnet UNISON recognises that it is important that staff, managers, are given good, clear accurate advice which is why we are fully involved and scrutinising in the consultation process. The new HR structure ( and there have been many over the last 10 years!) is looking to go live in October this year. In the interim HR staff are combining roles.

The Trade Unions have sent a second report outlining our concerns and are awaiting feedback.

A UNISON meeting for members working in HR will be convened on receipt of feedback from senior managers to our recent report.

Barnet’s Policies and Procedures
Believe it or not but the some of the policies on the Councils intranet are out of date and need amending. Some of these amendments are minor but some can have a significant impact on staff.

Over the next 6 months the Council is going to look at policies such as annual leave, maternity leave etc.

UNISON will ensure we are fully consulted and will keep members up dated on proposals.
So watch this space………………………………!

Accommodation moves – Get on board the accommodation Carousel!
At times working in Barnet it must seem like climbing aboard a Carousel at a Fairground. The minute the ride is finished the music starts and you are moving accommodation again.

There are moves ahead for staff at Fenella, Barnet House, Building 5 NLBP and as soon as we hear we will keep members posted.

Customer Services
This service which in the past may not have had the profile it should is rapidly changing as technology changes which will bring new challenges for staff.

In the past to often staff were ‘discarded, past their sell by date’ as new technology brought new and different ways of working. Preparing for these changes by providing up to date relevant training course equips staff for the future, saves the Council money and builds the relationship between the staff and the Council ( that’s how the theory goes!)

UNISON recognises these challenges and wants to ensure staff are provided with the necessary skills. We have set meetings with staff to discuss exciting training accredited courses on IT/ communication skills.

In terms of Customer Services if there are any questions issues about your restructure then please contact the UNISON office on 028 359 2088

Big changes are ahead of staff working in Registry. For a start they are changing employer. They are being transferred into the Council. It is important that members are fully advised as to what this means to their terms and conditions.

UNISON has been contacted and is now seeking a meeting to discuss the proposals.
If you work in Registry and want to speak to a UNISON rep please contac the UNISON office on 0208 359 2088.

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