Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Whats's going on in Barnet UNISON Branch Part Two?

Barnet UNISON College team

Cost of living pay increase: Barnet College have said they will respond with something next week, so watch this space !

Moving day (ie. time off for moving house). Barnet College are now saying this has to be taken out of annual leave

Details of revised S188 package and timeline for consultation on next round of voluntary redundancies. Also revised list of posts identified as potential redundancies. So far there has been no further update since our meeting with HR in September

Proposed ACAS workshop: A Joint Trade Union Letter has been sent to the College last week. We are waiting for the Principal to agree a time to meet with ACAS and the College.

Proposed move of Reprographics to central location at GP and proposed outsourcing of service. Margaret Roberts UNISON rep is dealing with Health and Safety issues. We are still waiting for a response to our request to meet to discuss the possible privatisation of the reprographics service.

Pro-rata annual leave after 5 years service- this is the issue where it used to be custom and practice to grant the extra annual leave on the anniversary of 5 years' service, but now HR are saying that it is granted on the start of the next leave year

The potential closure of MR: to date UNISON have not received any update on this from Management

Equal Pay

Recent Equal Pay questionnaire was sent out to all members. UNISON recently announced an Equal Pay claim in Cumbria [FULL STORY] http://www.unison.org.uk/equalpay/news_view.asp?did=3833


The drive for further efficiencies along with the recently passed Local Government While Paper signals the Governments intent to try and move as much as they can out to the private and voluntary sector.

All Council services are under pressure to deliver quality and value for money. In relation to staff, there is a procedure which needs to be followed. At the beginning staff and the Trade Unions must be involved in the Options Appraisal stage. We are currently involved in a number of procurement processes of services already privatised/ about to be privatised/ retendered / or discussing options

Our list is as follows
Security, Supporting People, Cleaning Contractors, Recycling, Vehicle Workshop, Connexions/Prospects/ Print Unit, Meals at Home / Red Cross
IF you work in any of these or there are discussions about your workplace and your workplace is not on our list please email our office at contactus@barnetunison.org.uk

What we don’t need is another Fremantle…..do we?
It is bad for the staff, bad for the service, and bad business for the Council.

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Eileen Hagger-Street said...

I think it is very unfair of Barnet College to force staff to take house-moving leave as annual leave. It is widely accepted that moving house is the stress equivalent of divorce or bereavement, so to remove this small concession will add to staff stress and loss of morale.

I could say the same of the mean decision to grant extra annual leave due after 5 years' service, not on the 5th anniversary of starting work, but deferring it to the next annual leave year. I am due enhanced leave for 5 years' service in May 2008 and resent having to wait until September.