Tuesday, November 20, 2007

LABOUR MP condemns 'disgraceful attack upon' UNISON trade unionists

14 November 2007 in parliament John McDonnell MP met trade union activists who have been taking action in opposition to the consequences of privatisation
and marketisation of our public services, including Karen Reissmann, Michael Gavan and the employees of Fremantle providing care services in the London Borough of Barnet.

Following the meeting, John McDonnell said;

"The dismissal of Manchester UNISON health service activist Karen Reissmann is a disgraceful attack upon a trade unionist speaking out against marketisation of the health service. The continuing disciplinary action against Newham UNISON Branch Chair Michael Gavan is an attempt to stifle opposition to the privatisation of local government services. TheFremantle workers are combating the consequences of privatisation for their pay and conditions."

John McDonnell MP has tabled an

Early Day Motion 276

calling for the reinstatement of Karen Reissmann, the dropping of disciplinary charges against Michael Gavan and the restoration of the pay and conditions of the Fremantle workers, and for the Government to call a halt to the privatisation of public services.

Check out the Early Day Motion 276 and make sure YOUR MP has signed

There will a lobby of MPs and rally in support of all three cases on
Tuesday 11th December 2007
7.30 pm Committee Room 9.

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