Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Superb, delicious, good quality Xmas dinner

Some of the Atrium team
Today I had a lovely christmas dinner in the Council run Atrium with some of my UNISON colleagues.
The environment is excellent and it was good to have the chance to have a few minutes away from the hectic UNISON office.

It just goes to show that Council staff can deliver good quality services!
The Atrium for those of you who do not know, only opened a few months ago. Not a lot off staff working in the building know that the Atrium is council run and the other cafe services are private.
I think it is important we support our In House team and not just because they are an In House service but for sound business reasons.
It gives value for money and greater choice.

Every penny spent in the Atrium goes direct into the Council . When you look at the budget settlements for Councils, you recognise why every penny counts in local government.

It also has a good atmosphere, I think it is important that with so many of us working on PCs, staff should take some time away from the computer screen.

So, why not take a break in the Atrium.
The staff team are great !

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