Saturday, January 26, 2008

The 3 R’s

Restructure, Redeployment, Redundancy

It is sad but true that all Council staff will face the 3 R’s at least once in any 18 month period! It is therefore important that staff know how to prepare and survive.

(Please note Barnet UNISON don’t always know where and when staff are facing restructures. So make sure you contact the Barnet UNISON office).

Step 1
Firstly, make sure you are a member of UNISON. Don’t wait until you are facing possible redundancy before realising you need help.

Step 2
If you hear that your team or service is going to be restructured, don’t panic. Ask your manager if the rumours are true, if you don’t want to do this then contact your local UNISON rep. If you don’t have a local rep then contact the UNISON office on 0208 359 2088 and we will check out the rumour on your behalf.

Step 3
Managing Change is the Council policy dealing with restructures/redeployment, redundancy. There is a copy on the Council’s intranet. It is worth making sure you have access to a copy. If there is a restructure in your team, a number of things should take place. You should be consulted. If you are not being involved and you have raised it with your manager, please contact UNISON office as soon as possible.

Step 4
Consultation: Draft proposals clearly showing the existing and proposed new structure should being presented. Any changes to your job description should be made in consultation with you. At this stage make sure you let the UNISON office know that consultation has begun.

Step 5
In most restructures posts are generally deleted, jobs changed and more often than not staff have to be interviewed for the new jobs.

The Council provide interview skills training to help staff prepare for interviews, make sure you take up this training.

Restructures can be very stressful to staff facing an uncertain future. The Council acknowledges this and now provides staff with access to free and confidential counselling through an independent organisation ‘People at Work.’ UNISON strongly recommends this service to members.

Remember you don’t have to face these changes alone.

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