Saturday, January 26, 2008

Council Budget 2008/9

Every year Council workers face the prospect of redundancy. Blair has gone but Gordon Brown does not bring the change some people felt would be delivered. The message from his Cabinet is 2% to be strictly enforced across the public sector. Even the police are demonstrating about the pay!

What is clear is that no one can take anything for granted. Our message to staff is make sure you take any opportunities for training and development. If you are not getting any opportunities then speak to your line manager. If that doesn’t work then contact the UNISON office. Our Life Long Learning Coordinators are very keen to meet staff to talk about training opportunities. UNISON in partnership with the Council is its second year of training courses BUT we want to run more.

For more details about courses contact
or or ring Barnet UNISON on 0208 359 2088

In the case of this years Budget the number of posts being deleted is running at 90 but with vacant posts we are down to approximately 40 staff facing the prospect of redundancy.

A schedule of courses listing dates has been circulated for staff facing redundancy:
1:1 skills set interview with someone from HR
Interview skills training
Preparing your cv
Careers counselling

If you are facing an interview for a job, please take up the offers of these courses.

All staff facing redundancy should be provided a regular update on vacancies within the council. No posts should be advertised outside until redeployees are given first priority to apply.

Consultation meetings are taking place across the areas affected. If you have not had a consultation meeting please contact the UNISON office immediately

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