Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another AVMEG success...........

It is a new year and most of us are either setting new resolutions for the year or wondering how we got to where we are at. Most of us get caught up in our surrounding and drift into a routine. AVMEG pulled together an interesting cast of speakers to challenge those ideas at the event held on the 24th January 08.

The event, held in the stylish new conference facility in North London Business Park’s Building 2 and was open to all staff who wanted to access the information.
The speakers at the event were

Sola Dawkins who is a Mentor, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, Events organiser, talked about ‘Empowering women in the Workplace’ and making anything happen when you set your mind to it.

TD McKenzie who owns and runs a training firm, which specialises in cutting edge strategies for personal and organisational change, treated the audience to some interesting steps that they can take in goal setting and achieving their dreams. Tony is also an author of some interesting books one of which is called You Were Born Invincible’. As an added bonus to those who attended the forum they were given a 6 month free membership to Tony’s Intention Generator T Mind Conditioning System, to help people make those necessary changes and take the 1st step to change.

Tahir Saleem Khan was next in line, speaking about Leadership and the need to take those first steps. Tahir who is currently serving on the board of directors of Asians Network Ltd, runs a new media company in the UK has been consulting on self–management and development strategies across industry and academia.

Rahul Patel was the last speaker, he is the Branch Secretary, Westminster UNISON and has seen his fair share on instructional racism. His work enables him to empower and give staff a voice in the Council. He gave the audience some interesting examples of things that they can do by looking at Councils Workforce profiles and the power of collective action.

AVMEG will have an interesting year a head to assist staff in realising their inner potential. They are hoping to expand their membership over the following months and will be running a range of learning initiatives for its members, namely:
voluntary work-based learning programmes
coaching programmes
action learning.

All these programmes are designed to assist staff develop and improve their work-related skills to advance their careers.

However in order for AVMEG to continue in 2008, they are looking for new members to take on roles in the committee to bring fresh ideas and continue to assist staff progress and improve and be apart of the change process in Barnet Council.

To find out more about these projects and what else AVMEG has planned, e-mail
AVMEG membership is open to employees of Barnet Council and its service providers, who define themselves as black or those who are of African, Caribbean or Asian origin.

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