Monday, April 28, 2008

HOT OF THE PRESS – Barnet Council Staff

Big Changes ahead….Your future……..Break up or Shake up?
We first raised this issue in one of our newsletters early this year. On Tuesday 6 May the following report is going before the Council’s Cabinet Committee

Do not be mistaken this is a very real issue for everyone working for the Council. The report outlines the breadth of the research & consultation which needs to take place before a recommendation is brought back to future Cabinet Committee.

If we have learnt anything it is that everyone needs to become involved in the consultation process which will roll out across the Council in the next few months. UNISON will provide updates on our involvement in the consultation process, but YOU need to alert UNISON to any discussions within your workplace. All of you have a the skills, expertise & knowledge which we value, after all it is YOUR hard work which delivered Four Star status for the Council earlier this year!

We have had very positive assurances from the Council that they want to genuinely consult with UNISON. We have already had one meeting with the Executive Director Nick Walkley and we are due to meet with the Chief Executive the day after the Cabinet Committee.

However, it is important not to be complacent. Sadly we have had some bad experiences when previous Council decisions have resulted in UNISON members being ‘transferred’ out of the Council control. There have been a number of recent examples of privatisation; the one which Barnet UNISON members will be most familiar is Fremantle. But that isn’t the only example we have seen. This is why we want to make sure UNISON is involved in the consultation process and is in a position to scrutinise the recommendations which will be made to a future Cabinet committee.

As Branch Secretary I will make this my number one priority and will endeavour to make regular reports to all our members working for the Council. It is highly likely we will need to set up branch meetings to give members opportunities to put questions or raise issues. In the meanwhile if you have any concerns about the process or have any questions about what it all means you can email

Finally I would like to extend an invitation to join me at the Cabinet Committee meeting on Tuesday 6 May 2008, at 7 pm in Barnet House, Whetstone.

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