Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What future for Barnet Council staff ?

Consultation clock begins……..

The Cabinet report entitled ‘Future organisation for Barnet Council’. The report be found online at the following link….


The report was presented by the Chief Executive with support from the Leader of the Council.

The Committee were told the Council had poor prospects of any increases in funding from Government, and there was a real likelihood funding could decrease. ‘Salami slicing’ approach to these funding problems was unsustainable for the medium to long term.

The consultation will look to see if the Councils current structures are ‘fit for purpose’ i.e. the pace of change is increasing, the council needs to be able to respond quickly and effectively to these changes.

It was acknowledged in the meeting that ‘traditional privatisation model’ was not the answer either.

Barnet will have to learn from others, looking at examples within the UK and abroad.

Barnet will be particularly looking at Partnerships with both public/private/ third sectors. Such partnerships would be long term (generational) but with a flexibility to be able to react to changes.

Members of the Cabinet raised a number of questions and queries

1. One Councillor was keen to look at radical and different options at delivering services

2. Another councillor expressed a need for much tighter ‘governance arrangements’ and the ability to performance manage any future partnerships

3. How would this future impact on our relationship with the PCT?

4. Will this new organisation be able to adapt to emerging issues and trends?

5. We are one of the first Councils in the UK to address this issue

Chief Executive will review the options and report back to Cabinet on 3 December 2008

UNISON members
The consultation clock begins. The branch will be shortly carrying out a ballot of members views and endeavouring to keep our members informed. Tomorrow I attend a meeting with the Chief Executive……..

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