Saturday, June 28, 2008

“DON’T PANIC……DON’T PANIC…..Barnet UNISON members!”

Don't Panic......sounds easy when he says it........

On Monday 30 June I begin the process of consulting with as many members as possible over ‘The Future Shape of Barnet Council’.

Over the coming months I will be setting up meetings across workplaces to listen to members concerns and suggestions.

It is important that I make it clear the Barnet UNISON is committed to defending keeping public services under democratic control. Our position is consistent with our National UNISON’s Positively Public campaign

You can view UNISON’s response here

View a short video on ‘Making Local Services count’

In the next few weeks members will be receiving a short questionnaire. I need to understand where members are in terms of the consultation. There has been an awful lot of jargon about what ‘The Future Shape means, so it is understandable members may choose to ignore or pay scant attention to the consultation process.

This would be a dangerous position to take, and it is why I want to speak to as many members as possible. You work for the Council, you know your service
If the penny has not dropped yet…all Council Services could be facing privatisation within 3 years!

Check out this story on the BBC

In less than six months time a proposal will be submitted to the Council’s Cabinet Committee (3 December 2008)

So make sure you find time to come along to one of our meetings, if you want to ask a question please email me at

Make sure you complete the questionnaire!

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