Saturday, June 28, 2008

Super Hero - Super Councilworker descends on Barnet Council!

Super Council worker has heard about the threat to our members livelihoods, he has heard about our top class reputation of public services…..he knows Barnet Council workers over the last five years have lost work colleagues through redundancies, taken on more work, not had a pay rise, yet still find the energy and professionalism to provide an excellent service to the community.

When I first spoke to him he was at first confused, then angry that staff should find themselves facing ‘Privatisation world !’, so soon after achieving Four Star status for Barnet Council.

‘Privatisation world' is no Disney adventure for the staff and it certainly does not deliver value for money for local tax payers and service users! We only have to look at our former Council colleagues who were handed over to Fremantle to see what can await those services privatised!

Check out what they are having to deal with!

Fear not Barnet UNISON members Super Council worker has agreed to personally intervene……….where and when I can not divulge…….however look out for his symbol…………..


Anonymous said...

What I want to know is why and give me proof in black and white it will either improve services or save money.

The joke is most of the restructuring recently has been to save money (you'll not convince me otherwise).

Where there is a need for improvement in the council is hampered by the lack of money. This could either be money for services or someone spending money properly on looking at the way we work and restructuring for positive reasons. I've worked for the council for 13 years and seen my fair share of restructures and office moves. I've never had anyone produce proven documentation as to the benfits of any of these. I dread to think the amount of money that has been waisted on all of this and how many 100 of thousands of £'s is this privatisation going to cost. It beggers belief that we always seen to be "short of money" yet they can waist so much on these exercises. Wouldn't they be better off directing all the money they waste on these exercises into excisting services as they are - I am sure that this would reap far more benefit to local residents.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what the threat is. Can you be more concrete? And I don't understand who is going to be making proposals to the Cabinet Committee in December. Is it Unison? Is it the councillors? Also, although Super Councilworker is an amusing idea, I think it's wrong to promote the idea that someone is going to come down from the clouds and save us when we are in trouble. We're going to have to do it ourselves, with every one making their own small contribution. Unison had an advert a while ago with some ants working together: I think that was much more appropriate! A well wisher