Sunday, June 22, 2008

Maggi Myland reports back on re-grading in Learning Difficulties Services

‘Modernising’ of In-House Service for Adults with Learning Disabilities.

What started as a relatively small number of staff at a Day Centre with queries about their pay scales /grades and discrepancies amongst staff doing the same tasks at different pay scales ; mushroomed into a total re-structure (modernization) of the whole Service including residential, respite, supported living and community support provisions. This will have implications for some 300 staff including ‘As and When’

Over several months, Barnet UNISON and GMB have worked collaboratively with Management and HR colleagues to Job Evaluate all the new Role Profiles.
We are happy to report that this complex process is nearly completed.
However there are more formal Council procedures involved; there is a DPR [Delegated Powers report] to be signed off and then those staff who remain in their substantive posts will be getting confirmation of their Scale points etc. Other members of staff that have been ring –fenced and have to be interviewed for their new posts will follow and then finally there will be adverts for those remaining unfilled posts in the new structure.

Eventually all the staff involved will be getting their new contracts and perhaps more importantly their new pay rates just as soon as all the necessary processes are completed.

Hopefully staff will feel that the unavoidable time delays have been worthwhile and Barnet has an In-House Service for vulnerable adults that is more streamlined, creative and rewarding to be a part of.

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Anonymous said...

yes that great for staff coming in to there new jobs etc .but i fill that staff that have been working for barnet for years ,and have work hard to get up to ther pay point eg: 25 to 27 donot get eney fome of rise for long to top it off new contracts! thanks