Sunday, June 22, 2008

University student starts two month placement with Barnet UNISON

My name is Ben Ritchie and I will be working with Barnet UNISON during the summer on a number of projects. I am a student studying law and politics in my second year at Cardiff University, and want to use my summer to gain an insight into the work of trade unions. In todays increasingly globalised and profit driven society, where jobs are more insecure than ever before, it is fundamental that trade unions such as UNISON protect vulnerable employees and public services. Maintaining and expanding membership is a priority in order to be listened to, and I will be researching and reporting into ways trade unions can engage their younger members. I will also be devising a presentation ready to take into secondary schools to raise student awareness of the practicality of joining trade unions once they leave school. Besides from this I will also be assisting around the office, taking calls, and looking at improving communication with our members.
My time at Barnet Unison looks set to be challenging and exciting!

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amigo said...

Ben, great to have a university student helping out in the branch. If you want to seethe kind of material the union makes available to branches on bargaining and employment rights, go to I'm sure John would organise a visit to the Bargaining Support Group at Head office, if you were interested. Have a good summer.
Deborah Littman, National Officer, Bargaining Support